Add-On JMCB-2003-SL - CB Americaine pour Model European

CB/Audio Set Driver Kit

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CB/Audio Set Driver Kit

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  • CB/Audio Set Driver Kit


This exciting product from J&M features a 40 channel CB radio, NOAA weather band, rider/passenger intercom and stereo music amplification from any Walkman®-type music device. Mounts to the left handlebar with one of each: 1) bracket kit, 2) solo or rider or passenger kit which connects the headset/power harness to your bikes electrical system, 3) license plate mounted CB antenna, (or any other properly tuned CB antenna), 4) J&M dual mode helmet headset/headsets and 5) the appropriate lower hook up cord (see note). Your walkman source music device is plugged into the system as a separate item. All knobs and controls are designed for ease of use while riding, even with gloves on. The unit is water resistant. The impressive audio performance is superb, even at high speeds, considering its compact size. Important Note: The JMCB-2003 is a J&M 6-pin audio system that requires the pre-amplified microphone signal provided by our Dual Mode (ECD/CD prefixed) helmet headsets along with the #HC-ZM or #HC-PM lower section hook-up cord.

AnnéeGoldwing GL1800 modèles 2001 à 2013 et F6B
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